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GRBackPro 8 Backup software for Windows Server Version History

What's New in version 8.5.5?

  •  Added: more details in the program log file
  •  Fixed: Automatic update version comparison
  •  Fixed: Email To Support feature
  •  Fixed: Minor internal issues

What's New in version 8.4.33?

  •  Fixed: Bugs on the x64 version due to mixed x86 and x64 code
  •  Fixed: Add/Edit Job dialog didn't refresh correctly when regaining the focus
  •  Fixed: Single File Restore dialog bugs
  •  Fixed: When updating a zip archive in certain cases the program issue a CRC error

What's New in version 8.4.9?

  • Added: Elevation indication on the Title bar when the program is executed as Administrator.
  • Fixed: Weekly and Monthly Scheduler Events when the Event is missed for one or more days because the program was not running.
  • Fixed: At shutdown there was a chance that the .grb file settings would be lost.
  • Fixed: On large destination disks the full backup delete dialog didn't appear.

What's New in version 8.4.5?

  • Fixed: Minor problems.
  • Removed: Kagi payment processor from the Demo version.

What's New in version 8.4.3?

  • Fixed: using the zip compressor if there is a write error this could be erroneously reported as disk full.
  • Fixed: when including or excluding files or extensions a leading or trailing space wasn't removed and lead to wrong behavior.
  • Fixed: a not existent session could be found on the scheduler event list.
  • Fixed: When pasting Jobs the sort operation was missing.
  • Fixed: Memory eating problem when Restoring or Verifying a backup set.
  • Fixed: If a Job source path no more exists and a Full backup is programmed then an error is issued with a not correct path.
  • Fixed: Crash when backing up a whole disk.

What's New in version 8.3.0?

  • Added: Confirmation message before to delete a Scheduler Event.
  • Added: Shield icon on the Backup button when the registry backup is active.
  • Added: On the Report tab, operation activities list, by pressing CTRL-C you can now copy the current log line to the clipboard.
  • Changed: During a backup run the user can now enable or disable the scheduler.
  • Changed: The Progress Tab Status column has been modified to provide more information about the file compression or copying method.
  • Fixed: A beep happened when changing the destination to all Jobs or when creating a new Job.
  • Fixed: The column "Execution Order" in the Jobs tab wasn't being sorted correctly.
  • Fixed: When backing up the root folder of a disk then the destination folder Bak_nn was being created with system and hidden attributes.
  • Fixed: When editing a Scheduled Event the program issued an error message instead of permitting the edit.
  • Fixed: When restoring with Source = "Session folder" but the Folder option is not empty then an incorrect error message was displayed.
  • Fixed: When doing a FULL backup from a root drive to another root drive and the Bak_sd option is OFF, an infinite loop was created while trying to delete the root folder.
  • Fixed: When the program becomes hidden at the end of a backup then a crash could happen.
  • Fixed: When using the single zip archive feature and file names have Latin characters or special characters, the program would issue open file errors.
  • Fixed: The "System Volume Information" folder was not being skipped. When a full backup was run, deletion of this folder on the backup drive would fail.
  • Fixed: When multiple Events are started in sequence and the autostart feature is enabled the Scheduler will sometimes execute an Event twice.
  • Fixed: When creating Big Zip64 files with more than 65535 files inside, the created zip archive has some parameters that don't match the required field but the files are still recoverable (for example winrar and winzip don't see any problem).

What's New in version 8.2.30?

  • Added: In Backup simulation the delete operations are now being reported (but not performed).
  • Added: In the Add/Edit Event dialog some checks against invalid settings were missing.
  • Added: In the Scheduler dialog the Session name has been added to easily handle the "At End Do" action.
  • Changed: The backup and restore execution order are now controlled by Jobs tab list order. The backup or restore will be executed in the same order as the Jobs are listed.
  • Changed: When the option "Windows Shadow Copy Services" in the Backup tab is enabled, the program now shows the Backup button shield icon indicating the program must run as Administrator.
  • Fixed: On the Backup tab the last option of the "destination path layout" named "" wasn't correctly implemented.
  • Fixed: On the Backup tab the last option of the "destination path layout" named "mm (Minute number)" wasn't correctly implemented.
  • Fixed: Conversion bug when converting from version 5 GRBakPro.grb file to version 8 using the x64 version. This bug is not present in the x86 version.
  •  Fixed: On the Jobs tab moving the items with the Move up and Move down option could lead to Job duplication and / or Job loss.
  • Fixed: When backup mode is Full and the source path of the Job points to a folder with only sub-folders and no files, the destination files were not deleted.
  • Fixed: Under certain unusual circumstances the scheduler would fail to start weekly events.
  • Fixed: When created, the Destination folder didn't keep the source folder attributes.
  • Fixed: When selecting "What to Restore" and the user chooses a name different from $ then the Restore did not work.
  • Fixed: On the Restore tab the line named "Session:" wasn't updating if a restore was run immediately after another restore.
  • Fixed: If Volume Shadow Copy did not start and the backup of a file failed the destination file created was zero sized.
  • Fixed: When a source folder has a zip file named for example $ and you have compression enabled to $ then the source archive was skipped.
  • Fixed: The "At End Do" action in the Scheduler tab was getting corrupted by changing tabs and/or Sessions.

What's New in version 8.2.0?

  • Added: In the Message Center a warning when synchronization is on and no files are included in a folder backup.
  • Added: In the Report tab the Elapsed time has been added to the Execution list items.
  •  Added: The Report tab, Execution list control has been enhanced by adding colours to the 3 operations.
  •  Added: The Report tab, Execution list control text has been modified to also show if the operation has been started by a scheduler event or manually.
  •  Changed: The synchronization option now deletes files from destination disk after the backup has been done if compressor is disabled.
  •  Changed: The Task Bar icon progress is now reset at the end of backup / restore / verify to better indicate that the operation has been completed.
  •  Fixed: When compression is enabled and specific files are included and synchronization is active those files which had been included and now were not were not being deleted.
  •  Fixed: The "Check for Updates" function failed to correctly discover if the user is connected to the Internet.
  •  Fixed: The option "Skip predefined folder names" in the Adv. Backup tab was not correctly saving the user selected folders.
  •  Fixed: When creating an email task, the "Execute" option to send "always", "on error" or "if no error" was not available on first creating the task. It was necessary to save the task and then edit it before that option became available.
  •  Fixed: When Windows did an automatic shutdown there were cases where Windows forced program termination prevented the program settings from being saved.
  •  Fixed: When compressing, Unicode file names were not correctly handled resulting in some files in the resulting archive being skipped.
  •  Fixed: On Windows XP the background was not correctly painted when the program was resized many times quickly.
  •  Fixed: Scheduler weekly Event problem: some enabled days were skipped.
  •  Fixed: Scheduler Events: sometimes an event was added to the execution queue while it was already under execution.
  •  Fixed: While copying files, the program incorrectly reported a disk full condition.
  •  Fixed: On the Job tab the move up and move down function didn't work.
  •  Fixed: The Scheduler tab Event list was not correctly updating the last run time. The Column has been renamed to assist with correctly identifying the Last Run Time.
  •  Fixed: When editing the condition for a Scheduled Event, the "Execution Conditions" window was not updated until the next close/open sequence.

What's New in version 8.0.7?

  • Fixed: The check for updates code erroneously handled the version numbers..

What's New in version 8.0.6?

  • Fixed: Help file didn't open on x64 version.
  • Fixed: Help button was wrongly handled and Exit button was missing when running on Windows Server.
  •  Fixed: The version 7.5.x language extension DLL caused a program crash.
  •  Fixed: Sometimes the tray icon of the program disappears for unknown reasons. This fix tries to recreate it when this happens.
  •  Fixed: under certain conditions the Scheduler Event CPU load feature caused a crash.
  •  Fixed: when the Scheduler Event is set to wake up the PC and the user manually wakes it up then the program failed to keep the PC awake.

What's New in version 8.0.0?

  • Windows 8 compatible.
  • Windows Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) support both for x86 and x64 systems.
  • New customizable colours with effects.
  • Enhanced automatic software update.
  • Added Sounds.
  • Tasks tab re-designed to have a single list and execute Tasks even on Restore.
  • Enhanced setup handles updates of x86 software to x64.
  • Added Windows Task Bar control features to show backup progress and buttons to pause/resume/stop.
  • New simplified backup Wizard.
  • New Message Center to help program usage and allow the user to dismiss messages
  • Minimum Windows version supported is XP.
  • Rearranged some tab options to improve logic and ease of use.
  • Added backup Jobs list icons.
  • Removed empty Job list button.
  • New Add/Edit Job dialog destination tree control.
  • Various bug fixes.