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Search Engine Optimization: Keyword Usage Planning Form

by Terry Plank

Provide the keyword information for each of your Web page files. Print this out and use one for each individual page of your site; if 10 pages, then use 10 forms.

Do not put all your keywords on every page. Instead, target specific and different keyword phrases on every page that are appropriate to that page. You want your whole site to a different emphasis page by page.

The strategy is to make a conscious decision for every page of your site for targeting a particular keyword phrase and a marketing objective for the page. This will not be necessary for every page but you should make the decision not to do it rather than whether to do it!

PAGE NAME________________________

FILE NAME________________________

MARKETING OBJECTIVE ________________________

KEYWORD PHRASE TARGETED _____________________

  1. Body of the page itself (List them here but you will work out the text of each page with your developer.)

    [Remember: from your longer list, pick the most important one related to the specific page to scatter in the body of the text. 300 words with 3% being the keyword phrase.]

  2. <Title>

    [Remember: your keyword phrase first; first letter in Caps, the rest lower case; 9 to 11 words in length.]


    [Remember: be compelling but start with your keyword phrase. Use no more than 25 words. This may be the same text as your description in the observed text below.]


    [Remember: use the most significant words first, repeat any keywords only once, and specialize in one primary keyword combination for each different file.]

  5. Headline tags (H1, H2, etc.)

    [Remember: these tags are seen by the viewer on your page; keep them no longer than 25 words. Yes, use <H> not a font.]

  6. Link tags, such as: (Your developer will choose from the keyword list above in naming your files.)

  7. ALT tags.(Just be sure that the naming of the graphic is appropriate to the graphic and is not word stuffing