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Windows Backup Software 

windows backup software
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Windows Backup Software - professional data backup software for Windows

Windows Backup Software

GRBackPro Windows Backup Software
Professional Data Backup Software for x86 and x64 versions of
Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP




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GRBackPro Windows Backup Software Introduction

GRBackPro Professional Windows Backup Software is optimized for speed and well integrated with the Microsoft Windows operating systems, both 32 and 64 bit versions. Because speed and efficiency are very important when choosing your daily backup software program, GRBackPro is written in optimized C++ producing highly efficient and very fast x86 and x64 native code. Customers have tested the efficiency, memory use, and resource consumption of GRBackPro Professional backup software, and have rated our backup software very highly.
If you select backup software by basing your decision only on its feature list, even though you may not need all these features, you are making a mistake. Efficient backup software that not only works well and reliably but also comes with excellent customer support is a preferable backup solution. For this reason we have written GRBackPro software as dedicated and efficient backup software for Windows.

GRBackPro Windows Backup Software Advantages

GRBackPro allows you to save time and money—you will be able to quickly restore your data if your hard disk will dies (which will eventually happen) or if data gets erased in error. You will save money simply because time is money so GRBackPro will pay for itself very quickly. Data reliability is a major concern and GRSoftware offers a backup software solution that will give business people an edge over their competitors.

With GRBackPro Professional Backup Software, our user interface is very simple and easy to understand. No complex menus and sub-menus to learn—you have all the options at hand. All the professional options can be quickly learned and used with just a few clicks. Of course we supply complete documentation but most people find they don’t need to read it all to be able to run backups.

GRBackPro is fully featured backup software with many professional options built to solve any data backup problem. Although GRBackPro is a professional backup software it is also suitable for inexperienced users because it integrates a Backup Wizard that guides the user in setting up the program option.

GRSoftware has been on the market since 1997 -- we are a highly respected, world-wide retailer of backup software and our support team is ready to quickly answer all your questions.

We offer a 30 days money back guarantee - click to buy the right license immediately!

GRBackPro Windows Backup Software Description

GRBackPro data backup software for Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP is professional Unicode backup software designed to quickly and easily solve any data backup problem at a low cost. Carefully designed to meet the new Windows 8.1 security specifications, GRBackPro supports both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows systems and requires Windows XP or higher. A new and customizable look and feel has been designed to make your experience even better than before. This new version has color gradients and effects that you can customize! GRBackPro supports network shares, hard drives, USB Flash drives, CD, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, CD-RW (if you have a packet write driver), removable drives and any drive that can be seen as a drive letter under Windows Explorer (including some Tape drives).

To create your backups you define multiple backup sessions each containing one or more different backup jobs. A backup Job lets you back up a whole disk, a single folder or few selected files using any combination of either incremental, differential (based on the archive attribute bit), or full methods. You can choose to do a simple copy of your files or to compress them inside standard Zip or Zip64 (if your files are bigger than 4GB) archives so that you can easily handle them using any archiving utility.

You can install this GRBackPro Backup Software as a Windows Service to have your backups start even if you aren't logged in. GRBackPro has an integrated scheduler to automatically start your backup without intervention. Once programmed you can just forget it. This new version supports Windows Volume Shadow Copy so that you will be able to backup opened and locked files. Another new feature allows you to handle long path names up to 1024 characters and GRBackPro will manage Unicode file names, thus preserving your language characters even inside the zip archives.

GRBackPro will span multiple destination disks so that you can easily build a multi disk backup set. GRBackPro supports Split mode to easily burn DVDs after the backup has been completed (this is a fast alternative to using packet write software drives). GRBackPro supports History mode that allows you to keep multiple backup copies.

With GRBackPro Backup Software you can execute one or more tasks before and/or after the backup. This allows you, for example, to stop services that are locking files you want to back up and then restart them when the backup is completed. Other possible tasks can close an application, start a program, start and stop a service, pause the backup, issue a message box, end a process or send an email (with SSL/TLS support). This last facility lets you have your backup log report sent to your mailbox if any error has been found in the backup.

GRBackPro lets you backup your registry files both locally (for an easy manual restore) or on the destination disk.

A new automatic update facility allows you to easily update GRBackPro Backup Software. GRBackPro can be setup to check for updates at program start or scheduled the way you prefer.

GRBackPro Backup Software has an integrated restore facility which allows you to easily restore individual files or whole backups and will quickly maintain two or more PCs aligned (Synchronization). 

GRBackPro (Windows Backup Software) Key benefits:

Windows 10 backup softwareSupports network shares, SAN/NAS, CD-RW, DVD-RW (packet write software driver is required), USB Flash drives, fixed and removable drives and any drive that can be seen as a drive letter under Windows Explorer. Tape devices are not supported unless they are visible as a drive letter by Windows.
Windows 10 Backup software featuresSupports network UNC names.
Windows Backup Software versionsCan run as a Windows Service process and can logon to any specified account.
Windows 10 backup software featuresCan span across multiple removable media.
Windows backup software featuresSupports Unicode file names
Windows 10 back up software for whole disk drivesSupports Windows Volume Shadow Copy (x86).
Windows 10 backup entire disk drivesZip64 zip archive format supported.
Windows 10 backup modesSupports  Full, Incremental and Differential backup modes.
Windows 10 back up foldersCan include or exclude files or exclude or skip folders.
Windows 10 Restore incude files optionCan include all files, older or younger than a specified number of days.
Windows 10 back up whole disk drivesSupports long path names up to 1024 characters.
Windows 10 backup software with integrated restore featureRestore facility is included.
Windows 8 Restore single filesRestore explorer to easily restore even single files.
Windows 10 Restore and verify featuresBackup Verify facility.
Windows 10 Execute task backup software optionExecute Task function, before and or after the backup. Supported Tasks are:
    Execute or Close an application, Start or stop a service, Pause, Email a message, Display a message box, End a process.
Windows 10 backup software zip compression professional schedulerPowerful Scheduler with conditional backup execution is included.
Windows 10 Wake up from stand-by featureWake-Up facility for when the computer is in sleep and a Scheduler event needs to start a backup.
Windows 10 pkzip 2 standard compressionSupport PKZIP 2.0 standard password protection scheme.
Windows 10 backup software zip compression professional schedulerBackup Wizard for inexperienced user is included.
Windows 10 Registry backupRegistry backup history
Windows 10 Split featureBackup Split mode
Windows History data back up softwareBackup History mode
Windows 10 backup NTFS file attrbiutesBackup security attributes on NTFS file systems
Windows 10 Simulate backup softwareBackup and Restore Simulation to precisely estimate the backup size and test for errors.
Windows professional backup file copy and zip compress for windowsAllows you to copy files or compress them into a single archive or one archive per folder.
Windows 10 data back up softwareRecreate exactly your source directory structure so that you can easily navigate into the backup archives.
windows backup software synchronize workstationSynchronize your backup archives with your source files / folders.
Windows flexible backup software user interfaceEasy to learn and flexible user interface.
Windows 10 backup software run in the backgroundRuns in the background and is actionable from the tray icon bar.
Windows 10 detailed backup software  log fileAll backup activities are written to a detailed log file.
Windows 10 detailed log fileAutomatic software updater is included so that you are always up to date.
Windows data backup software Simulate backupIntegrated email client to easily request support by email (supports SSL/TLS).
Windows 10 Integrated scheduler and report for a powerful backup software functionalityA report dialog allows you to view, print and extract the activities.
Windows 10 passwordLanguage translations will be available for both x86 and x64 versions..
Windows 10 access control passwordProgram access password control.

Version 8.x new features

Windows 10, Windows 10Windows 10 compatible.
Windows 10 x86 and x64 versions avaialbleTwo versions: x86 and x64 available.
Windows 10 Automatic 2Gb split backup softwareWindows Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) support both for x86 and x64 systems.
Windows 10 Award winning server backup softwareNew customizable colors with effects.
Windows 10 Awards for professional backup softwareEnhanced automatic software update.
Windows 10 enhanced schedulerAdded Sounds.
Windows 10 back up online supportTasks tab re-designed to have a single list and execute Tasks even on Restore.
Windows 10 Backup search facilityRearranged some tab options to improve logic and ease of use.
Windows 10 Backup software service optionsAdded backup Jobs list icons.
Windows 10 Backup software run as a serviceRemoved empty Job list button.
Windows backup software Execute tasks optionEnhanced setup handles updates of x86 software to x64.
Windows backup software access control password optionWindows Task Bar control features to show backup progress and buttons to pause/resume/stop.
Windows data backup software Access control passwordNew Add/Edit Job dialog destination tree control.
Windows Backup access control passwordNew Message Center to help program usage and allows the user to dismiss messages.
Windows data backup software access control passwordNew simplified backup Wizard.

SurveyOnline survey: Are we missing a feature you are interested in? Do you have any suggestion? Just tell us!

Why buy the program license?

Buying the license for this workstation and provides you the following advantages:
  1. You get one year's FREE upgrades to minor and major versions.
  2. You will get support for the version you buy until that version becomes obsolete.
  3. You qualify for First-class technical support. Our technical support staff sets the standard for quick and efficient resolution to a customer's issue.
  4. You will be offered a discount price for any major upgrade after the first year.
  5. You will be added to our e-mail list and alerted when minor and major new releases will become available.

 GRBackPro Windows Data Backup Software License Pricing

License type Price Description
1 Single User License US$ 59

To use the program on multiple personal computers as long as you will be the only user.

5 Single User Pack US$ 270 Discounted price for 5 installations in the same organization.
10 Single User Pack US$ 500 Discounted price for 10 installations in the same organization.
1 Site License US$ 2000

To use the program on all computers inside a single Organization.

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